• mumbai resort, a resort in mumbai
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  • Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbai
    Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbai
  • Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbai
    Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbai
Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbai

About Pali Beach Mumbai Resort

Pali Beach Mumbai Resort is located in the northern part of the island of Mumbai. A beach resort in Mumbai that focuses on hospitality and service, it is a beautiful location that is neither too close nor too far from the chaotic city of Mumbai. It is a peaceful place to let yourself temporarily forget the troubles of life and let yourself go. You can also visit the resort if you are on a visit to Mumbai. You can reach the resort via road from the city or via public transport after getting off at the Bhayandar railway station on the western line and coming to the west. Because of its location and its aim to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you need to take a short ride to come here using either of the two methods mentioned.
The resort strives to provide its patrons with serenity and a view of lush greenery. The clean sandy beach and glimmering waves of the Arabian Sea are just a few steps away from your accommodations. There are also various provisions for kids’ activities and sports so that your kids can enjoy themselves to their fullest. We also have many indoor and outdoor sports for you to take part in or you can enjoy taking a dive in our swimming pools.

Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbai


This is one of Mumbai island's best-loved resorts and is recognized to possess hospitality, thoughtful amenities, and distinctive services. It is a resort in Mumbai where the entire family can come, enjoy and make memories. It is also one of the more peaceful resorts near Mumbai for an overnight stay or a quick weekend getaway. We have made provisions for both outdoor and indoor sports activities so that you can energize yourself while on a break. Some of our indoor games include carrom, chess, and table tennis; while our outdoor games include football, volleyball, cricket, and basketball.
Apart from these basic amenities, the resort offers conference rooms for corporate meetings. If you have a large group that is in search of a great venue for events like receptions or anniversary celebrations, we have an open outdoor lawn that would be perfect for you. We will also manage all the auxiliary tasks to make your event special.

  • Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbaiGreat rooms at great prices
  • Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbaiSwimming & large water slides
  • Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbaiOutdoor & Indoor games
  • Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbaiLuxurious high thread count
  • Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbaiBreakfast each morning
  • Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - the resort in mumbaiOcean view rooms
mumbai resort, a resort in mumbai

Pali Beach Mumbai Resort Rooms

The rooms at Pali Beach Mumbai Resort can meet all your requirements and expectations, whether they be for a cozy stay for couples, a nice vacation for the family with children, or noisy picnics with friends. We provide you with great room service in which the attendants strive to meet your every need. There are cottages and villas also available with the latest amenities which will help refresh you during your stay. There are many options available to the patrons of the resort. All the rooms are air-conditioned unless mentioned.


Pali Beach Mumbai Resort - Water Park

In addition to the usual amenities available to visitors in other resorts, Pali Beach Mumbai Resort boasts of an inbuilt water park where the guests can come to cool down. There are various water slides as well as swimming pools that the guests at our special resort in Mumbai can access to enjoy a wet and fun-filled stay. There are separate swimming pools for kids along with dedicated supervisors for the pools. The resort also has swimming instructors in case any of the patrons wish to learn to swim.

mumbai resort, a resort in mumbai

Pali Beach Mumbai Resort is Unique

This resort is different from the usual resorts near Mumbai, in that it provides a perfect mix of leisure, fun, and play. Many people usually have different ways of having fun. We have anticipated and tried to provide you with means to most of the methods. The resort is an ideal place to meet up as the proximity to the city of Mumbai makes it a great location for short trips.
You can visit this resort in Mumbai with your spouse, friends, family, relatives, or colleagues from work and have a great time in every case. The various amenities and facilities that are present within the resort can provide you with fun things to do for individual activity as well as group activities. The resort also offers various services for corporate conferences and provides the facilities of meeting rooms, conference halls, etc. This makes it a great option to host office parties as well as plan employee activities.
We also make provisions in cases of wedding ceremonies if the need arises. We offer all the various facilities to hold various wedding ceremonies and host banquets to make sure that the ceremony is a grand spectacle for those who are involved and also for those who attend it. All in all, Pali Beach Mumbai Resort can be visited for various different occasions and we can provide our best to accommodate all your requests.